New project…in process.

Daily Digest: A quick daily round-up of articles from both the US Press and Foreign Press…regarding Child Marriage. Database is categorized by Location…Country/Continent/Area, and by news outlet…as cited. Also categorized by varied topics and law treatise/codes. All items are in English translation only for now…

Articles start from the beginning of January 2018.

EmpowerDialogue.org is not affiliated with any media or press outlet. The Daily Digest is a simple compilation of articles found via Google daily alerts. Other sources of links are found in various ways. I am putting the digest together as a resource for anyone looking for information on child marriage in a chronicle and somewhat organized format.

Blog Post: Range from threads on ending child marriage worldwide to updates on The Sambad Centre and Baalbagaicha Gayankunj both organizations run by Ranchana Sunar and located in Surkhet, Nepal.

About our logo:

Empower Dialogue’s dynamic logo is a work of art created by digital artist, Brandie Adam-Piphis. Based out of Washington D.C.,  Ms. Adam-Piphis uses art to inspire others to reach their fullest potential. She has referred to her art as a mechanism for helping people become a part of something bigger than themselves. That is the principal reason she paints, and also why she administers arts programs to at-risk youth. She has graciously donated the use of her painting, Fauve Lady, as a logo for Empower Dialogue because she understands the humanity and importance in the cause of fighting against of child marriage. We thank Brandie and appreciate her commitment to ending child marriage and empower girls to fulfill their potential. Please visit her website at: The Official Website of Brandie Adams-Piphus And you can learn more about her art programs for at-risk youth here: The Official Website of Brandie Adams-Piphus | YOUTH PROGRAMS